Friday, 27 June 2014

How To Care For Your Hair

I thought I would do something a little different which I also think will help loads of you as this really helped me with my hair!

There are 8 quick, simple and easy steps to make your hair grow long, thick, healthy and shiny and I'm going to share them with you today.

Step 1 - Drink plenty of water, this is key for your hair to grow, all of the vitamins in water is what your hair needs and you drinking your 8 glasses a day will benefit your hair, but also your body, skin and nails to be healthy. Whenever you go to drink something, make sure you always reach for water!

Step 2 - Give weakly hair treatments, this will help your hair stay strong and nourished, this prevents the hair from drying out and snapping which will allow it to grow long, use any type of hair mask, or you can use warm oil (coconut oil, hair oil, olive oil) or just your conditioner, lather you hair in whatever you use and leave it on for the maximum time possible!

Step 3 - No heat, heat is so damaging to your hair and this is one of the things which damages your hair, stop using heat all together or try and not to use as much, narrow it down to using heat only once a week if needed, and make sure you use a heat protectant! This means cutting out blow-drying, curling, straightening,, anything which means applying heat. A good tip is to wear heat protectant on your hair when it's hot outside to protect it for the sun, it's like using an SPF for you hair.

Step 4 - No hair dye, this is another way your hair is damaged easily, leave your hair it's natural colour and don't dye it! This makes the hair dry and damaged, meaning you'll need more hair cut off, this stops your hair from being able to grow longer!

Step 5 - Be gentle, no tugging or back combing, when combing your hair, make sure you are gentle and don't tug or pull on your hair as this will weaken the hair strands, brush/comb from the ends up towards your roots, this will stop less knots happening, always use a wide tooth comb or a brush made for wet hair when your hair is wet.

Step 6 - Use the right shampoo and conditioner - It will really help your hair if you use a shampoo and conditioner which suits your hair needs, such as for dry/damaged hair, for coloured hair, for normal hair etc. It always helps if they include natural ingredients such as different natural oils and aloe vera.

Step 7 - Get monthly haircuts, I know it may seem like this is defeating the aim to actually grow your hair, but if your hair is damaged at the ends, the ends will just snap off every time you brush it which also means it will seem like it's not growing, so making sure you're getting 1-2 inches off your hair every month will make sure that the ends are healthy and thick, meaning this will help your hair to keep growing and not snap.

Step 8 - Eat healthy, no junk food, I know people only really eat healthy for their body, but eating healthily will also help your hair, skin and nails to grow and to be healthy. Eating fruits and vegetables makes sure your hair gets the vitamins it needs to be thick and healthy and also to grow like you want it to.You can also buy vitamin tablets which you can take which ensures your hair gets the vitamins it needs.

Love Chantelle x