Monday, 19 January 2015

My Favourite Pinks

 It might just be me, but I love the way products match with the same colour, they just look like they belong to be together!

Real Techniques Multi-Task Brush
I have relied on this brush for a long time, I love using it for powder, blush and bronzer, it's the softest fluffiest brush ever and applies product amazingly

Mac Blush 'Dame'
This blush is really versatile and goes with a lot of different makeup looks and skin types, it's a mauve toned pink which is matte and has really good pigmentation

Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Noir
My favourite perfume at the moment, it's quite a sweet scent which I like, but also is musky and sultry, more like a perfume you would wear going out at night time as it has that going out-night scent to it, but I love it just as much for daytime as well

Nars Illuminator 'Copacobana'
I bought this the other week and it has fast become my favourite highlighter, in the tube it looks like a lilac mauve silver but on the cheeks you only really see a light glow not so much any colour, it gives a really gorgeous dewy effect and you only need the smallest amount, it also works really nice as a base underneath foundation

Clarins Instant Light Lip Perfector '04'
I have owned this lip gloss for a while now and when I first bought it I was really disappointed as I expected more pigmentation to come out of it as it's a sheer pink, but as I carried on to wear it I loved the effect it gave, it gives a gorgeous light pink tint to your lips making them lookj plumped and juicy

Lush The Comforter & Snow Fairy Shower Gel
This is my favourite bubble bar from lush, as the smell is right up my street and what girl doesn't love a girly pink bath now and then. I somehow managed to forget to take a close up picture of the snow fairy shower gel,. but we all know what snow fairy looks like! It's the best smelling shower gel I own with blue and silver glitters in it, I also love using it for shampoo now and then as it smells so good

What's your favourite pink products?

Love, Chantelle