Friday, 1 August 2014

My Skincare Routine 2014

My skincare has changed completely to my first blogpost on my skincare routine as for my Birthday I received a few new skincare items which are now staples in my skincare routine, so I'll write them in order in which I use them and why I love them. Everyone has different skin so this could work amazingly for you or could do the opposite, you just need to experiment until you find what works with your skin.

This is a sort of hard oil/balm and once you rub it with your fingers it melts, it does feel oily on your skin so if you don't like that oil feeling this might not be for you, but it leaves the skin so soft and hydrated and free of makeup, can be used on face, lips and eyes!

Lush Mask Of Magnaminty (Only once a week or when my skin is looking bad) - 
I use this once a week or when my skin isn't looking its best, it smells like peppermint and helps brighten up the skin and clear it of break outs and clears your pours. It also had seeds which exfoliate your skin as you remove it!

This is great for getting rid of the excess dirt in your skin and brightening and toning your skin leaving it healthy looking.

If my skin is looking bad and needs a little help I use my La Roche-Posay as my day and night moisturiser as it helps clear break outs and clear out your pours and even your skin texture. But when my skin is looking pretty good I use my Clinique one as it's just a great moisturiser that really hydrates the skin and leaves it glowing.

What's your staple skincare product?

Love, Chantelle

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