Thursday, 29 May 2014

Monthly Purchase

I've decided that from now on, I will buy a makeup/fashion or beauty item each month and dedicate a blog post to it, I will call these posts 'Monthly Purchase' just so you know that that blog is my monthly purchase, it'll just be what I bought and small review on the product/item, hope you enjoy!

This month (May) I decided that I really needed to purchase myself a Zoeva brush, I have heard so many good things about her brushes, and I have seen YouTubers such as Zoella and Tanya Burr use them! I was looking for a good dense brush to use for my foundation, and Zoeva had the perfect brush for me! I purchased the '103 Defined Buffer' which is a slight angled dense flat top brush which is not too big.

The shape of the brushes remind me of MAC brushes with the similar detailing on the handle, but these brushes I would say are way softer than MAC, don't get me wrong, I LOVE MAC brushes, but this brush is so so soft, even softer than the Real Techniques brushes which are known to be extremely soft! and the prices of these brushes is just amazing, they are so cheap and are such good quality its hard to say no to buying one! I think every girl needs to have one of the Zoeva brushes in their collection, she has such a wide range of brushes for face, eyes, lips, almost as wide of range as the MAC brushes range!

These brushes are based in Germany, but the Zoeva website ships world wide, and also there are some UK websites if you live in the UK where you can buy these brushes which will be linked below.

Zoeva has a great 'Rose Gold' brush collection which contains all of the brushes you would need for everyday makeup, usually in sets there is some brushes I wouldn't even bother using, but in that collection every brush would be loved greatly! I'm hoping to purchase it soon as they look so amaizng

Overall this brush is so soft, blends in cream, powder and liquid product in amazingly as the brushes are vegan taklon bristles. The Zoeva website describes this brush as.. 'The ZOEVA 103 Defined Buffer is a small angled foundation brush with vegan taklon bristles. Specially shaped for a full coverage application of foundation. Fits perfectly the contours of your face.' , they make any application easy and simple, blending everything flawlessly and perfectly, giving you an amazing finish with a 'streak free' finish

You can buy these brushes at:
Zoeva official website